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Angel 34 is a national organization united in the fight
against Childhood Cancer and dedicated to finding a cure.

Since its establishment in 2003, Angel 34 is committed to bring hope and healing to the children and families of those affected by childhood cancer. Thanks to the support of our partners, sponsors and volunteers we have made great strides, but there is much more to do in a race we must win...for the sake of our children.

Save the Children - Join the Fight

Nicole Sheriff

Nicole Sheriff
Founder, Angel 34

Days after her 13th birthday, Nicole was diagnosed with cancer. Having witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of cancer on families, the financial burden that cancer carries with it and the hopelessness that can come with the disease, Nicole was moved with the desire to start a foundation at the age of 14. Out of compassion for every child she came across, she vowed that she could make a difference in that child's life.

It was her wish that every child have their own angel during their time of need and if possible to share her angel with them.

"It's not about me and never will be about me, it's about those children who will go through what I've been through."

- Nicole Sheriff

Angel 34, with the help of thousands like you, has continued her legacy to help children and families, pursue advancements in research and treatments and find a cure.

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Our Commitment is to:

Instill HOPE in the millions of children living with childhood cancer

Bring HEALING to millions of children by fighting for and supporting advancements in knowledge and treatments

EASE the burden on children and families

ADVOCATE for more research, funding and advancements toward finding a cure

EDUCATE people around the globe with lifesaving information

ERADICATE childhood cancer and find a cure

Board of Directors

President & Executive Director
Doug Sheriff

Vice President
Linda Sheriff

Don Harakal

Board Members
Shawn McHugh
Megan McHugh, Nurse
Terry Stanglein
Jean Stanglein
Nicole Fisher
Curt Fisher
Louise Fisher
Jenn Schlegel
Rick Sampson
Karen Sampson
Debbie Anthony
Joyce Crosby
Kevin Shields
Karla Kares
Andrea Glose
Andrea Mitcheltree
Tina Heimbach
AnnMarie Steber, Nurse
Rose Schenk
Debbie Anthony
Chef Nathan Grube
Leonard J. French, Esq.
Cohen & Feeley, Attorneys
Harrow & Assoc., CPA

Angel34 is a 501(c)(3)
Non-Profit Organization